Jazz choir has vocal victory at jazz championships


Miranda Becker, Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, March 28, 2019, the Treynor mixed jazz choir placed fifth at the Iowa Vocal Jazz Championships at West Des Moines Valley High School.

The ensemble performed three songs which they felt complimented their strengths.

According to senior Isabelle Kudron, the group sang, “Like What You Got”, “The More I See You”, and “Take Me Away.”

Preparing these three songs took many long hours of practice.

We prepared a lot for the competition yesterday,” Kudron said, “We had many morning, weekend, and evening practices but they were all totally worth it.”

Throughout the season, the jazz choir competed in many competitions and earned many awards.

“We participated in 3 festivals the WIC and Reiver Festivals and the Underwood Ultimate,” choir director Jill Davis said, “We received 1st place, plus a I rating at State Jazz Festival!”

While the group was very talented, each individual had the attitude of wanting to be the best that they could be and do what it took to get there.

“One thing that is really nice about our group is the dedication that each of us have to do well, so that attitude helped us tremendously when it was time to make improvements and change little things in our songs,” senior Adrienne Suglia said, “Over the season, I think we all grew as musicians and learned a few things about patience and hard work.”

The individuals of the mixed jazz choir prepared all season in order to be successful at the vocal jazz championships; however, regardless of the competition results, they are leaving this season with new memories and shared feeling of family.

“My favorite memories from this competition would be just spending the last minutes with the team which grew into a small family,” Kudron said.  

These individuals have much to be proud of.  Now, the choir will direct its attention to the Fine Arts Night concert on Thursday, May 2.