Individual speech students move on to state

Erik Andersen, Staff reporter

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The Treynor Speech participants traveled to Nevada for State Speech this year on Saturday, March 10. There were a total of 11 students that advanced to the State Speech contest. There were a lot of different types of speeches given as well.

The performers that went to State Speech were Alora Nowlin (expository and after dinner), Molly Griffin (improv), Allison Green (expository), Isabelle Kudron (musical theatre), Miranda Becker (storytelling and prose), Clarissa Weitzel (poetry and improv), Sophie Showalter (review and musical theatre), Ty Kline (lit program), Lucy Thiel (poetry), Emma Ehmke (review), Delaney Waterman (acting and storytelling), Mia Nichols (acting). The students that competed in this contest made themselves better performers and it helped them with stage fright.

“Participating in speech has been an awesome opportunity because it gave me a final boost of confidence in my public speaking abilities before I go to college,” senior Miranda Becker said.

Speech is a great opportunity for students that struggle with being shy and nervous while performing. Judging in this contest can be tricky if you do not understand it.

“At the competition there are three judges who listen to your speech, and they give you a division 1 to 4 ranking,” Becker said.

The seniors are proud of what the speech team has accomplished.

“Many people went out of their comfort zones and tried something different this year; I am so proud of everyone,” senior Allison Green said.

The participants that competed in State Speech will here back on Saturday, March 16 to see which one of them will go to All-State speech; but nonetheless, all the students did a great job this season.