Treynor takes first in jazz band festival


Erik Andersen, Staff reporter

The jazz band competition is a great way for the students to master their ability of playing instruments. Everybody on the treynor team is different in their own ways, but when they come together to play their songs, it is truly magical. Mr. Schoening is a very good musical coach. “I think all of our groups did a great job overall,” band director Jeff Schoening said, “we are not quite to the level we want to reach, but we are improving with each performance, which is very important.”

Schoening has the ability to teach the students about what they are doing and molding them into wonderful artists. The students listen to him very well and it shows. The jazz band has so many trophies that they are at the point of selling old ones to make room for new trophies. They’ll need room for one more because the band ended up getting first at this competition. Some of the band kids thought that they did good, but others think they could have done better.

“I think we performed pretty well today, some would disagree, but everyone that came to watch, thought we did great,” senior Thomas Schechinger said.

A lot of people do not understand the concept of scoring in these competitions because there seems to be a lot of things that the judges look at. Some of these things show how the band does as a whole, or the sound of it all together. They may look at other things too.

“Judges talk into a recorder and say things that could’ve been better and they have a sheet they fill out with numbers on how they thought the band did.  Like a 5 out of 5 on articulation, or 3 out of 5 for sound,” Schechinger said.

The mindset that these students have is the reason why they stay on top of all the competition because they never settle for anything. Even though the students won the competition, they are still looking for ways to better themselves. At this point, these great performers are not facing others as much as they are facing themselves to be the best they can be.

Junior Joe Lake has had to overcome obstacles to become the bass player for the band. He had to replace senior Wynn Kellar that was an exceptional talent at the bass. So, Lake had to fill some very big shoes, but he is adapting very well.

“Before Jazz Band, I had only played bass for a total of about 20 minutes,” Lake said, “I play guitar and I have studied music theory, so learning how to play the bass for jazz band was not very hard.”

I learned a lot more about structure of chords and I have definitely improved my musical capabilities since I have started Jazz Band,” Lake said.

The pressure builds as the band gets closer and closer to the jazz championships. The district festival is like a playoff to get into the Iowa Jazz Championships.  

“The top two bands in each class qualify automatically, so it is a lot of pressure to have a great performance to insure an invitation to the IJC,” Schoening said.

Everyone has faith in the Treynor band and the community cannot wait to see how they do in their jazz championship.