Seniors prepare for the end

Erik Andersen, Staff reporter

The seniors only have three months left of high school until they are done, however, they still have a lot to finish here at Treynor before they can move on to “the real world.”

There are some scholarship deadlines that the seniors have to get done. The Treynor local scholarship is due March 8. The seniors are hurrying to get their things done in time and this a big deal because it helps them pay for their colleges and potentially makes the college expenses very cheap for some people. Many seniors who plan on attending college also need to be aware of upcoming application deadlines of the schools they desire. The seniors also need to get their baby pictures and senior pictures in by March 29 for the yearbook.

There is a lot fun when it comes to that point, but there can be a lot of stress as well. Procrastinating students enjoy the good things and leave the work behind until the very end. This is why things can also become very hectic at the end of the year. Things that are not complete often stay incomplete until the last couple of weeks.

“They need to have a plan of what they want their future to look like, and they need to have acquired the skills necessary to enter the workforce,” senior Brett Phelps stated.

Some students will travel to far away places for college and others will stay close to home as they all make their journey to adulthood.

“I am going to stay close by in Iowa near family, find a job  that I enjoy, and start a family,” Phelps said. Sometimes, staying close to home can give the students an advantage because their family can help them get on their feet.

Advice is a good thing to give to students that are not quite at the senior level and maybe confused on their future. “Try to take easier classes your senior year so you can focus on applying for colleges and scholarships,” senior Thomas Schechinger said.

The seniors have been at the school for thirteen years and they have the most experience. This also means that they have a lot of memories from their school year.

“In elementary school we were playing dodge-ball and my friend and I were chasing after a dodgeball and my friend tripped going after it and cracked his head open right in front of me, this is not a favorite memory, this is a shocking trauma that I remember,” Schechinger said.

The seniors are counting down their days and every step they take is getting closer and closer to their dreams. They will enjoy these last couple of months and remember all of the crazy moments that took place at this school.