Love is in the air

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Love is in the air

Shad Granger, Staff

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Valentine’s Day is a day when couples express their affection with greetings and gifts, and can also be classified as a day of romance. Treynor student couples celebrated their love with each other much like the rest of the world.

The ladies of Treynor each have their own definition of what they think love is, and why they pairwell with their significant other.

“I’m a good couple with the person I’m with because we’re both mature and know how to find a solution when we have an argument, and we also have a lot of similar interests,” said senior Maddie Shipley.

Some students had different definitions of what they thought love was.

“I think love is important in a relationship because it shows you’re committed to that one person and a relationship isn’t always going to be perfect,” senior Noel James said. She also added, “with love comes forgiveness and sacrifice so you’re able to get through situations big or small.”

Students in a relationship know what it takes to sacrifice for one another especially when it comes to compromising.

“We are basically the same person and have so much in common which makes it easy to love each other,” senior Jessica Vohs said. Jessica is dating a junior, Quinn Navara.

Relationships can be an important value to some people because they feel like they have another source of someone to connect too if they feel alone.

“I think love is super important because you know you have a special connection with someone so you know you’re never alone” Shipley said. Maddie Shipley is currently dating a Riverside graduate, Tatum.

The most popular trait that the girls found most important in their relationship was humor. “We enjoy each other’s company and are always laughing,”said James. Noel is currently dating a junior, Jack Tiarks. They both compliment each other well.

“Love brings out the best and the worst in you,” sophomore Haedyn Jorgenson said, she added, “It is important to know why you love someone especially if you plan on spending a lot of time with them.” Haedyn is dating a sophomore, Blake Sadr.