Double Helix Project

Erik Andersen, Staff reporter

 Mrs. Leick’s biology class had to complete a project during the week of Feb. 4, 2019. Her hope was to help them contain their knowledge by learning the double helix in a different way. The students used their own materials to build the double helix and label all of the parts. They had the whole week to complete the project.

The double helix project is a great way to teach the sophomore students about the structure of DNA and remember it for a test in the future. The students have their freedoms when it comes to building the structure, but in the end, it must be a double helix. This project is a great way to keep the knowledge in their head.

“Working together with people and learning each and every piece and seeing it in person puts a more visual perspective in our head to remember each and every part,” sophomore Ty Kline said.

The students also get to learn communication skills because they work together on their projects into groups of three.

Kline and his peers did not like the project before it started, but by the time it was over, they knew that it was absolutely necessary.

“It is necessary to understand because we can all learn what is within the human body and how much people are different or how many people are the same,” Kline said.

The students also enjoyed the freedoms they had to make the double helix naming certain parts of their double helix.

“It helps me remember the double helix better because I got to interact with building it and calling parts by name,” sophomore Evan Smith said.

Once the students created their double helix structure out of their own materials, they had to also label them which eventually led them to remembering each part.

The project was, all in all, a very good way to teach the students new things while the students had fun in the making of their projects. It is good for the whole class, and now they will be ready for their future tests because they have acquired this crucial knowledge of the DNA that lives inside of them.