An important loss to learn from

Shad Granger, Staff

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On Friday, Feb. 8, 2018, the Treynor basketball boys took a loss to Atlantic 63-60, in a game that was too close for comfort for Treynor fans.

Jerry Jorgenson said that he learned a lot from Friday’s game as well as the team.

“As a team, we can take a lot from Friday night’s loss. We played terrible in the first half, and we know we have to do a better job of preparing ourselves and getting mentally and physically ready to play during our pregame warm-up,” senior Jerry Jorgenson said.

The game was a battle the first half of the game, and this made it difficult for the boys to catch their second wind going into the second half of the game.

“In the second half, we outscored Atlantic 46-34, which showed us how good we are when we are at our best,” Jorgenson said, “We hit a lot of big shots in the second half and it really showed the poise we have as a team to battle back and stay in the game even though a lot of things weren’t going our way.”

The second half became a motivation for the boys to finish the game strong with a victory, unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Craig Chapman described the last moments of the game and what happened towards the end

“With less than a second left in the game we had a time out to discuss our plan of attack to at least tie up the game,” junior Craig Chapman said.

Chapman further commented on the dramatic and controversial end to the game, in which the tension between Coach Rucker and the referees resulted in a technical foul.

“One of the Atlantic players joined our huddle during the time out. Rucker didn’t take kindly to this player trying to cheat so he gave him a little shove and asked him to leave our huddle,” Chapman said.

This technical resulted in Atlantic gaining another point leaving the score at the end 63-60.

Treynor stands at 18-3 overall heading into postseason. They will take on the winner of Clarinda-Shenandoah on Thursday, Feb. 14 in district play.