Practice Before the Big Contest

Erik Andersen, Staff reporter

Speech Night was held in Treynor on Jan. 14, and the students gave it their all as it was their final practice before the big show. Speech Night is very important for the students involved in Large Group and Individual Speech because it is the last show before their first contest on the following Saturday.

The students learned that over the years, speech night will show them where they are on the performance.

“If they do bad on it, then they know where they have to fix things before the contest,” speech coach Julie Showalter said, “Speech Night basically forced the students to be prepared a week in advance.”

While they may not have loved the idea, it sets them up for an overall more successful experience at contest.  

“I think that speech night helps us with jitters and makes us feel more confident in what we are doing,” senior Caitlyn Vanriper said.

Speech night this year was different because there was a big crowd and a lot of new faces in the speech crew.

“We are so proud of how they did last night!!” Showalter said, “This is the first pre-contest speech night we have done and for many students it was their first time performing or presenting for a speech event.”

The speech team had a great crowd to support them, and the new students did a great job in front of a large audience.

“It was a good time because we are lucky to have a practice show before the real contest,” freshman Keelea Navara said.

The students choose their skits and then it must get approved by the coaches.

“Depending on the category, topics/material  are chosen by the coaches or the students or both,” Showalter said. This way it is good for the coaches to see what the students choose to make sure it safe enough to show to an audience.

They also get to choose between published or original material depending on what message they want to give off to the audience.

“Some of the categories require published material while others can be written by the students,” Showalter said. They try to give off positive messages, but sometimes they will also bring up topics that need to be talked about that are not to happy.

All in all, the students did a great job at speech night. They are ready for their contest which is on Saturday, Jan. 19 in Clarinda, Iowa.