Cardinals are victorious over the Vikings


Shad Granger

Shad Granger, Staff Reporter

The cardinals had a huge victory over the vikings on Tuesday January 8 with a score of 77-30. Some of the players gave some feedback after the game describing how their performance went without playing with their usual two players that are in the starting five. After the game the boys hold their record at 11-0. So far the team has 148 turnovers so far this season. “The team obtains more turnovers with a more aggressive play style” said Jerry Jorgenson.

“I thought we performed really well without Jack and Jon. I think we all knew we had to play even harder without them, and it showed” said Jack Stogdill, he added “Yeah I think we will all be fine, but it’ll take time when Jack and Jon come back for them to get back into shape for postseason.” Jon and Jack are a huge part of the team, but the boys had to put in their best effort with their next players. Craig Chapman was put in Jon’s place, and Sid Schaff took the place of Tiarks. The team was really impressed with the performance of these two boys ending the third quarter with 60 points in the third quarter.

“I felt the team performed very well and exceeded expectations without Jack and Jon. We were able to play great defense and rebound the ball very well. Our offensive also took big strides, as we were able to shoot really well from three-point range and dominate the offensive boards” added Jerry Jorgenson. Jerry is a huge part of the team, as well as a leader for the team being one of two seniors on the team. He is a strong influence to the younger members of the team. “As a team, we need to improve on being more consistent on defensive rebounding. We can’t allow our opponents to get second chance points throughout the game” said Jorgenson, he also mentioned, “Conditioning wise, we’re right on track. I feel like we’re always energized throughout the game and that is one of the biggest factors as to why we are playing such good defense”.

With any basketball team, more energy with a bigger student section puts pressure on the team which naturally changes how they perform. At halftime the boys had 41 points, and the vikings had 10 points. The combined mixture of support from the fans really helps the teams performance. “I think we need to improve on our ball control, gang rebounding the basketball and not relying on Jon to get rebounds, and getting good ball movement on offense.” said Stogdill.

Rebounding is a huge part of the game which can determine the outcome of the overall season. Jon usually holds the majority of the rebounds at around 64% of the average 36 rebounds a game “I think we played extremely well and our offense finally clicked and we were flying around defensively” said Stogdill. The team, and the crowd were overall impressed with how the game went and it shows at the end of the night how hard work can overcome anything”. The players felt they had a good night even though they lost two of their best players “Overall, I’m happy with the performance I had. I shot the 3-ball well in the first half, although I did end up cooling down, but I’m glad I could get us going and let the rest take care of itself” ended Jorgenson.