Finals Week

Erik Andersen, Staff reporter

Finals week is always the most stressful week of the year because it challenges the minds of students to see how much knowledge the students have kept over the year. “I’m a lot less stressed about finals this year than I have been in years past,” senior Maria Carolus said. Everyone, even the teachers get stressed because it is a very important time for the grade books as well.

The teachers stress because they have to make sure all the final tests are okay to be given out to and taken by the students. “There are lots of materials to prepare with study guides and exams,” teacher Ms. Abbott said, “Also, teachers have to make sure that all lessons and concepts have been covered adequately prior to finals.”

There is lots of grading to do. “That’s a teacher’s equivalent to homework!” said Abbott.

The teachers are also responsible to make sure that all of the students are caught up on the grades and all of the assignments are turned in.

The students stress because the tests that they have to take are bigger than a normal test, and they have all the information from it that they have been through over the year. Don’t stress about your finals, but make sure you study.  “Most teachers will have everything you need to know on the study guide,” Carolus said. The students are forced to find old notes and study as much work as they can.

The grades are another big factor on why everybody hates the finals week because nobody wants a bad grade. “I think finals are stressful for people because they are really focused on keeping their GPA and are worried that they could do really bad,” Carolus said. The students and teachers want to make sure that everyone passes and that nothing wrong happens, or that nobody fails.

The good thing about finals week is that once the tests are finished, the students are allowed to go and enjoy some time off with a break that the school gives because of the end of the semester. “A teacher wants to make sure they have covered all of the lessons and units they intend to cover in a semester. They need to make study guides, prepare exams, and create prompts for student exams,” Abbott said. The students and teachers both need this break because the year can be long and stressful, and it is good to give the brain a break.

Another good thing about finals is that it is good for the brain because it will challenge the brain to remember everything that was taught to it over the year. It makes the brain more powerful because the brain is forced to keep knowledge in order to pass the test. Finals week is bad when it comes to stress but it all works out in the end because you come out smarter and you get a vacation.