Coaches v. Cancer

NHS puts on fundraising event

Amanda Stephens, Photo Editor/Reporter

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On Dec. 14 the Treynor Cardinals played basketball against the IKM Manning Wolves.  The game was a special one as the Treynor National Honor Society chapter hosted Coaches vs. Cancer.  


Throughout the week, NHS held a penny war in the middle school and high school.  The end goal was $1,000 and together the middle school and high school made $1,157.55. The winners were the seniors in the high school and Mrs. McNeal’s card pride in the middle school, although Mr.Schoening’s card pride was only $1.78 from winning in the middle school.  Altogether, NHS raised $2,369.70 for Relay for Life. NHS also held coaches v. cancer last year and raised nearly $3,000 for the same group.


The prize awarded to the winners of the penny war, the seniors, is a punch card that they can use with things such as leaving school 5 minutes early or drop the lowest homework grade, although it is to the teacher’s discretion if they are allowed to be used in their class.  A bonus prize was also included for the entire school since the goal of $1,000 was reached, the guest wifi will be turned on for the entire school on Dec. 20 and 21 for finals.


“Service is one pillar that the National Honor Society is founded upon, and each year we look to do service activities.” school counselor Rita Laughlin said, “For four years our biggest service activity is the Coaches vs. Cancer event because cancer has impacted almost every member of our NHS in some way–members know of either a classmate, friend, grandparent, aunt, or uncle who has dealt with cancer.”


Many preparations went into making this event happen, such as setting up the bake sale, the silent auction, as well as tracking down survivors to be recognized at half time of the game.  


“I helped track down survivors Jerry and Marilyn Lustgraaf, but they could not make it to the game to be recognized because Marilyn is still going through chemo, and her white blood cell count is too low for her to be out in crowds,” said senior NHS member Alex Lowe.


At the game, Luminaries were also for sale, they could have been purchased to send off at the Relay for Life event that will be held at the football field in June.