Wrestling booster club holds annual youth tournament

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Wrestling booster club holds annual youth tournament

Thomas Duysen, Staff Reporter

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On Sunday, Dec. 2, the Treynor Wrestling Booster Club held its 4th annual youth tournament.  The event helps fundraise for all Treynor wrestling teams and the equipment needed throughout the season.

Candace Gregory heads the wrestling booster club, and her job is to make sure the event runs smoothly.  Heavy snowfall fall caused the tournament to postpone for a half hour due to road conditions. Gregory said there were 326 participants with the help of 100 volunteers.  Ages ranged from Pre-K to the eighth grade with a variety of weight classes.

Volunteers included Treynor High School wrestlers, parents, cheerleaders, Treynor alumni, and supporters of the program.  Jobs included working in the concessions stand, scorekeeping, refereeing, and a multitude of others.

Junior Mitchell Lutz was a referee for the day. “I’ve worked the tournament before, but this was my first year as a referee,” said Lutz, “It was intense because I had the younger wrestlers who didn’t have good technique, so scoring the matches was difficult.”

Weigh-ins started at 7:15 a.m. and wrestling began at 10:30 a.m. on all nine mats.  The tournament was styled as a four person round-robin for each age and weight class.  Winners received a trophy and second through fourth place received a medal.

Sophomore Logan Young was a towel tapper for the fifth and sixth grade mat. “I had one of the easier jobs because all I have to do is tell the referee when the period is almost over,” said Young, “It was really stressful for the referees and scorekeepers because some of the parents were extremely competitive.”

Even with the inclement weather, the tournament was still considered a success with high attendance. Junior Chase Reber said he planned to help with the clean up process after a long day of volunteering.  A special thanks goes out to Patty Walter and Robin Volkens for having the facilities ready for the event and their efforts in the clean up process.