Getting in the Christmas spirit

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Getting in the Christmas spirit

Amanda Stephens, Photo Editor/Reporter

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“Stockings for Heroes: Both Big and Small” is a project started by teacher Jeff Koenck’s Modern Issues class that started on Nov. 28 and will end on Dec. 18.  This project aims to fill Christmas stockings with essentials and a few fun things for the men and children. The stockings will be delivered to the men at the Open Door Mission and the children at the Lydia House.


During the holidays, those at the Open Door Mission are often forgotten about as everyone is tied up in the holiday buzz, but the men and children are trying to celebrate the holidays too, although that serves difficult if they do not have the essentials crucial to everyday life, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste.  There is a list of items on the school website as well as in the announcements, there are boxes to collect donations in the high school, middle school, and elementary offices.


The goal of this project is “for the students to understand how important it is to help others in need, as well as show the rest of the school and community the importance, and ultimately to make the men at the Open Door Mission and the children at the Lydia House to feel as if they’re not forgotten,” said Koenck.


“I’m really excited to get this project going and to help others in need, not everyone gets to experience Christmas the way many of us do and they seem to be forgotten about this time of year.” says Faith Juelsgaard, a student in the class.


Students in the class have been promoting the project by creating flyers, reaching out to news outlets, such as KETV, and creating a presentation that will be shown to the high school and middle school.  


“I think the kids feel like they’re doing a good thing and they are owning it because it is their idea,” said Koenck.


Last year, Koenck’s modern issues class did another service project helping to raise money for 2 kids in the school district from the same family who both had type one diabetes. They raised about $5,000 to help the family afford the proper care the kids need.  


“Doing service projects is a great way for students to learn the value in reaching out and helping others,” Koenck said, “as a teacher it’s kind of my goal to have kids continue to get involved as they go off to college and beyond.”


The class is hoping to get permission to later deliver the stockings to the men and children themselves, so they can see the hard work they put into this pay off.