Treynor comes together to learn about the ways of Human Trafficking

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As human trafficking continues to be a huge headline in everyday lives, Treynor is taking precautions and learning about the protection of their children and the mindset of victims and suspects.


On Wednesday, Nov.14th, the town was welcomed to a human trafficking seminar that took place at Silos. Teachers, parents and students attended the seminar hosted by the Treynor Junior Women.


“It’s so important that kids and parents understand the reason they are being educated for this,” said school counselor Rita Laughlin.


Silos hosted a free pizza dinner at 5:30 and the seminar followed. The presentation started with some of the Junior Treynor Women, that took Treynor through a slideshow of a number of different topics, such as the process of grooming, who is targeted, how victims are approached, statistics, and how to protect your children.


Traffickers are finding their ways into small towns like Treynor, coming after young girls and boys. Traffickers try to gain trust and build a relationship which is part of the grooming process which people learned on Wednesday.


“Our community needs to know how much more prevalent this issue is becoming,” said Laughlin.


There were a lot of paper handouts that people could take home as well, talking about the different facts and advice.


It is extremely important for even small towns like Treynor to take precautions of the scary things happening in our world.

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Treynor comes together to learn about the ways of Human Trafficking