Setting up your Christmas tree too early

Erik Andersen, Staff reporter

Every year it feels like the Christmas season starts earlier and earlier and it is not right. The radios start to flood with Christmas songs and people start to put up their trees and lights which would be fine if we were a month into the future!

The reason why you should choose to wait is because we, as people, are getting worse and worse with Thanksgiving dinners. This is because parents don’t even stay with their families anymore because they have to shop for Christmas presents. I believe that Black Friday should wait until Thanksgiving is completely done.

Some stores are just opening at 2:00 p.m. on the day of Thanksgiving making it very difficult for families to have Thanksgiving dinner. This is because everybody can’t wait until Christmas. I think that is just a way to ruin the holidays because you are not spending it with your family.   Other Treynor students agree with me.

“Thanksgiving is before Christmas which means you should celebrate Christmas after Thanksgiving” said senior Caitlyn VanRiper.

People get caught up in Christmas way too fast making not a fun time for other people that are taking each holiday at a time. Setting your Christmas tree up before December can also make your children want presents sooner rather than waiting for Christmas because they will see the tree and expect presents to be under it.

This is why I think you should wait until Thanksgiving is over before you do Christmas things. Your family and friends have to be the ones that you are close to on these days and you must pay respect to Thanksgiving itself.