A recap of the marching band’s successful season

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A recap of the marching band’s successful season

Miranda Becker, Staff Reporter

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A Recap of the Marching Band’s Successful Season

Miranda Becker

The Cardinal Vanguard earned their 28th consecutive Division I rating at the state marching band festival in Treynor on Saturday, October 13, 2018.

Southwest Iowa faced very rainy weather this September “making rehearsals and performances difficult,” said Mr. Schoening, the Treynor band director.  Despite the weather, senior Isabelle Kudron said, “by the last competition we really pulled it all together.”

For many students at Treynor, marching band season is an exciting, fun time.  Freshman William Thompson said it was “an environment where you can just go and relax, you can just play your instrument and just have a good time.”

Marching band is also a place where friendships are created. Kudron explained that one of her favorite parts of the season was getting ready with other guard members in the morning before competitions.  

Joining the Cardinal Vanguard as a freshman can be intimidating because of the dominant reputation the marching band has acquired.  However, Thompson said that he felt connected with the band because he knew a lot of upperclassmen. As a result, Thompson felt that adjusting to the marching band environment was relatively easy.  

Mr. Schoening believes that upperclassmen can do a great deal to help underclassmen learn and improve. “ We had a core of leaders who really helped do a lot of the teaching to the younger students.  That really is a tremendous help to me as a director,” said Mr. Schoening.

Over the past few years, the Vanguard has received many accolades.  Mr. Schoening attributed this to two main things. He said, “we changed the style of music that we were playing.  The shows we picked were really custom designed for competitive marching band.”  The Vanguard director also believes success was found by working hard with the new drill designer to create a drill that highlighted the strengths of the band.

The award-winning marching band season has ended, but now the band will begin preparations for the pep band and concert band season.   The concert band will perform at the Christmas concert on December seventeenth at eight p.m.