New Teachers Takeover Treynor

Five New Staff Members Join the High School


Casey Black, Staff Reporter

Five new teachers joined the Treynor High School staff to continue to help the students excel throughout the school year.  Mr. Herrington, Mr. Blair, Mrs. Behrendt, Mrs. Schneider, and Ms. Perez all joined the Treynor staff this year to continue the legacy “Excellence is expected and excellence is achieved,” set by Mr. Beattie.  

Mr. Alex Herrington is the new Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics teacher.  He enjoys all the classes he teaches, especially physics. He previously taught 7th and 8th grade at South Central Calhoun in Rockwell City, Iowa.

“I enjoy teaching high schoolers more than middle schoolers,” he said during our interview.  He also said he really likes the community of Treynor and the small town feel, but you are still close to a bigger city.

His students also really like him being here.  “He’s funny, he’s smart, and his class is also informative, yet still a fun class,” said senior Hayley Manzer, a student in his Chemistry class.

Mr. Corey Blair is the new American History after 1877 and Law teacher.  He really enjoys the classes he teaches. He especially likes all of his students.  He has previously taught at Assumption High School, Alleman Catholic, South Central Calhoun, and Buena Vista.  He currently still works for Buena Vista and teaches Holocaust classes along with his Treynor classes. He also loves the community of Treynor.  He is also the JH football coach and enjoys seeing the middle schoolers progress throughout the season.

The freshman boys also seem to be enjoying his class.  “He’s a super cool guy, and is good at explaining topics,” said freshman Cade Carman.

Mrs. Jodi Behrendt is the new business teacher.  She said she grew up around here, but went to Lewis Central.  She previously taught accounting, business, and business law at MVAOCOU, and still lives in that area.  “I drive an hour to school every day,” said Behrendt. She also stated that she enjoys her classes and all of the kids in them.  She also said that she loves how the businesses around town are a part of the school.

Ms. Bri Schneider is the new Family and Consumer Sciences teacher.  She got her teaching license in 2008 and subbed for 2 years in local districts.  She loves having the same classes and students everyday. She likes teaching at Treynor and the relationships she  develops with the kids. “I look forward to coming here everyday and working with the students, they’re always respectful and willing to learn.” she said.  

Senior Justin Gubbles is in her Child Development class and said “I’m in a class full of girls, so I get a different perspective.  Ms. Schneider is laidback, accepting, and understanding. I can’t wait to get into the prenatal portion.”

Ms. Perez is the new Spanish 3, Spanish 4, and Multicultural Literature teacher.  She enjoys all her classes, the students, and also how the students are always interested.  She likes that the school is small and her classes aren’t very big. “I like the small town and how it is quiet; it makes me feel comfortable,” she said.  

Sydnie Melby, a junior said “Ms. Perez is very sweet, patient, understanding, and always wants to help us learn.”

All five of these teachers seem to be enjoying the time here, and it is just the beginning to their experience at Treynor High School.