Veterans day

Today on Veterans day was another amazing assembly. I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the gym. The speakers did amazing. The Veterans were all in the front chairs sitting and were easily seen by the crowd. Some of the high school students were giving directions as to what to do such as “please stand for the pledge of allegiance” .

The things that the veterans did were really cool. They came in with flags and walked in a line. They looked professional and very upholding to me. We listened to the national anthem and the veterans went to their seats. A microphone was passed to each of the veterans and they announced their name, branch and war they fought. Some veterans fought in WWll and the Vietnam war. I thought it was really cool to see men that fought in those wars because there such famous wars.

They announced that were going to have a moment of silence so we did, and then the bone chilling bugle taps song came on. I love that song, its soothing and gives you a feeling in your heart that you can’t describe. After the song a veteran in a suit went over to the podium and gave a very long speech. He talked about how his friends didn’t make it home and what they would be like today. The speech was kinda sad at some points and it made me feel grateful for living in such a great country. It was a nice speech, I enjoyed all the things that he had to say. After his speech the assembly came to an end.