Debate Teams First Win

Nathan Nelson, Assistant to Regional Manager

The Treynor Debate Team won their tournament last Friday and the two boys on the team, Duncan Clark and Ty Kline had a blast doing it! I asked them a few questions and here’s what they had to say.First I asked what is debate? They explained that “Debate is a very vast topic but mostly a big part of debate is the ability to take sides on an argument and argue/debate it with another team the ability to speak clear is a big part of it plus the ability to research a vast topic as of this email I have about 9 hour of research and I am trying to go for 20 hour plus. ” Next Question was, how did you find yourselves doing debate? Both of them said “I found myself doing debate because I wanted to better myself for the future and for right now in school and to just be apart of something new for Treynor and make some Treynor history.” Next was, what was it like winning the debate tournament? “Winning the debate tournament was very shocking and still is, it gave me a level of confidence in my everyday life and it made me realize that anything is possible with a lot of effort and time couldn’t have done it without Duncan as my partner and Mrs. Schnepel as coach.”  Lastly where was the tournament at and what type of questions or topics where you guys received? “The tournament was at Millard West High School. The topics for this Debate in Public Forum Is the benefits of the united states’ use of offensive cyber operations outweigh the harms. The questions are vast you can get so many questions, such as what sources did you use?, can you restate that contention? and then we can make their minds twisted by saying would you think this because of this?, there where so many other questions that can be generated. Debate is now a big part of my life and I really like what I do and it couldn’t be done without Duncan as my Teammate we are both ready to win more and we are ready for the Treynor Debate Team to be known around Iowa and Nebraska.  First Debate Team, First Debate Competition, First Debate Win. ” These boys accomplished a lot and I can’t wait to see what these boys can do in the future.