Treynor Vanguard Season Wrap-Up

Tyler Pollock, Editor

On Saturday, October 19th, the Treynor Cardinal Vanguard did something previously unthinkable to the marching band: perform at two major contests in the same day. The Vanguard played at 11:20 in Glenwood for the State Marching Band Festival. After pictures and a brief lunch provided by the music boosters, the Vanguard packed up their equipment and traveled to Ankeny. Once there, it was a quick unload and preparation before they performed at 5:45 for the Mid-Iowa Band Championships. Unsurprisingly, the Cardinal Vanguard performed extremely well at both contests. 

At the State Marching Band Festival, the bands are not competing directly against each other, but they receive a rating for their performance. The Vanguard was graded at a superior level in every category, and got a I rating. Overall, the Vanguard was graded at 836 out of 1000 total points, which is an exceptional score at state contest. 

This year is the first time that the Cardinal Vanguard has traveled to Ankeny to perform. The Mid-Iowa Band Championships is an invitational contest. Mr. Schoening was approached by the Southwest Iowa Bandmasters Association saying that the festival was searching for more talented 2A schools to perform. Mr. Schoening then contacted the band director at Ankeny and they extended us an invitation. 

Traveling to Ankeny was a new experience for the band, because it is set up in a different way to the local contests. The group really enjoyed going to Ankeny. Senior Clarissa Weitzel says, “I really enjoyed going to Ankeny because there were a lot of larger schools that performed. It was a great end of the senior season.” At the festival, the band got a great score with 629 points of 1000. The band played really well at both contests on Saturday, especially with the tough grading. 

Senior Allison Young was the Vanguard’s drum major, meaning she directed the band throughout the season. This was her first season as drum major, so it was a learning experience for her. Before the season, she listened to the music several times to familiarize herself with it, and met with former dum major Madison Weber for lessons. She really enjoyed being drum major and leading the band. When asked about the final performances of the season, she said, “I am really happy with how everything turned out, and extremely proud of the band.”

This year’s show, titled Dante, has themes of death and the afterlife. It is based around Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, which tells of Dante’s journey through Hell, guided by a Roman poet. At its core, it is about good triumphing over evil. The music style transitions between being aggressive, ominous, and joyful. The band and especially the color guard did a great job of translating the story into something visually appealing. Mr. Schoening says that the group, “exceeded my expectations.” 

Moving forward, the marching band has one final performance to finish their season on Friday during halftime of the football game. After that, the fine arts department has a lot of work ahead of them. The musical, Once Upon A Mattress, is on November 8-10. Then the band must start pep band and jazz bands for the middle and high school. Lastly, all state and honor band auditions continue throughout the fall. The music department at Treynor High School have very high expectations, and hope to entertain the community throughout the year.

Drum Major Allison Young
Director Jeff Schoening before the band performs.
Cardinal Vanguard waiting to enter the field at State Marching Band in Glenwood.