Treynor’s Most Recent Student Teacher

Nathan Nelson

Treynor’s one and only Ms.Knudsen,  is the student teacher at Treynor High school. This afternoon I ask her some questions and this is how she responded.  Where did you attend college? Northwest Missouri State. What are you majoring in? English Education. How did you find yourself here at Treynor? “I went to LC and had some friends that came here. I live out this way and they talked about how good it was.” What’s your experience been like so far? She said “It’s been good”, she thinks she has it made because shes gotten to know us and thinks that compared to her high school that we are pretty well behaved and enjoyable students to teach and be around. Next was have you done any teaching by yourself here? “I started teaching the freshman from day 1 and I just started teaching the sophomores and will be teaching the seniors next week in creative writing. By the time it’s November to about December I will have all 8 classes to teach by myself.” Last question was why did you want to go into teaching? She responded with “I wanted to be a writer going into college.” She likes little kids, she thought about being an elementary teacher, but wasn’t sure because she wanted to be around more mature people. She did say she had tutored kids in comp previously and figured out she liked teaching kids her own age and found herself where she is now. In conclusion Ms.Knudsen is a fantastic student teacher and we appreciate her hard work and what she provides for us in the classroom