Senior spotlight Jane Campbell

Gabe McCain

This week on the senior spotlight we are interviewing Jane Campbell, the homecoming queen. We are going to be asking her a series of questions that correlate to this years school year so far, also future advances such as colleges, and careers. 

After interviewing Jane I have accumulated some information about her school year and her future. First I asked how did it feel to make homecoming queen, she said “it felt amazing knowing that there’s only one person out of the whole school that makes queen, it made me feel good”. I then asked her what college she wanted to attend, she said that she would like to go to either UNL or South Dakota.  She wants to go to college to become an elementary teacher. The thing that Jane’s enjoyed the most about high school is being on the dance team, she enjoys dancing so much that she doesn’t want to leave it. She also stated some advice for the underclassmen “do your homework”. You heard her underclassmen do your homework and you will be just fine.

This brings us to the end of senior spotlight this week. This week we had the spot light on homecoming queen Jane Campbell. Stay tuned for next week’s senior spotlight.