Mock Trial

Nathan Nelson, Assistant to Regional Manager

The Treynor Law class is doing their first Mock Trial on the State of Illinois standard Mock Trial. Every single student has a position. For example Aaron Sadar is the Judge, Nate Mccombs is the main suspect(Alex Buckly) with Luke Mieska and Hunter Evans on his side. Max Hayes and Craig Chapman are the prosecutors for this case. These students are reenacting a made up case that all starts with a someone burning a apartment complex to kill a girl. These law students are doing this mock trial to learn the different kind of laws and understand rights and how a court system works. The Trial is about Carly Walsh, who is the girl who got killed .The Defendant, Alex Buckley, a former student at Prairie Lake Preparatory Academy, has been charged by the People of the State of Illinois with having committed the criminal offenses of Aggravated Arson and First Degree Murder in connection with the death of Carly Walsh.