WIC Cross Country Meet

Tyler Pollock, Editor

On Monday, October 14th, the cross country teams traveled to Avoca for the WIC meet. Overall, the girls team was 4th. Tori was the only all-conference runner for the girls race at 4th place.  Other high school girls placements are Carissa Spanier at 19th, Claire Yochum at 27th, Mira Dreyer at 31st, Josie Davidson at 34th, Mia Nichols at 46th, and Emily Morse at 51st.

The boys team got 2nd place overall at the WIC meet. The all-conference runners for the boys included Derrick Thompson at 1st, Cole Dooley at 6th, and Ryan Konz at 10th. Other high school boys placements are Jacob Reelfs at 14th, Mason Yochum at 17th, Jacob Keay at 28th, Jacob Hrasky at 29th, Quinn Navara at 32nd, Max Hayes at 47th, Brady Coffman at 50th, Miles Nichols at 52nd, John Ross Biederman at 53rd, Cainan Davidson at 63rd, Alan Young at 65th, William Thompson at 68th, James Young at 71st, Gabe Travis at 74th, Korbin Horton at 78th, and Andrew Saar at 81st. 

The junior high girls placements are Andi at 9th, Reese at 15th, Kallie at 16th, and Emmerson at 34th. The junior high boys placements are Ryder at 4th, Jack 15th, Caden 29th, Peter 30th, Quentin 40th, Michael 41st, Griffin 47th, and Nathaniel 50th. Of those students, Andi and Ryder received medals. 

The cross country team performed really well at the WIC meet. Nearly everybody from Treynor ran a personal record. Racers Tori Castle and Derrick Thompson ran exceptionally well. Tori Castle ran a new personal record of 19 minutes and 50 seconds, and she got 4th. She is going to continue working hard before her next meet. Senior Derrick Thompson also set a new personal record at 16 minutes and 31 seconds, and won the boys race. Moving forward, Derrick hopes to place in the top fifteen at the state meet on November 2nd. The cross country will have their next meet next Thursday, October 24th, at Panorama.