Feature Athlete (Tori Castle)

Nathan Nelson, Assistant to Regional Manager

Tori Castle is seen as one our top student athletes at Treynor. I interviewed her October 1st and this was her response. Last year Tori was in 5 state qualifying events which was Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Softball. I asked her how this felt to her as an athlete and she said, “It meant a lot to me as an athlete, not many people have done that before, so being able to do that with a lot of help from my teammates is something really special.  Without my teammates I would have never been able to do that, and playing with your friends is already fun, so adding State onto that made each season even better.”  

Next was why did you make the decision you wanted to run cross country and volleyball and she said, “I’ve played volleyball since second grade so I always knew I wanted to play volleyball in the fall, but it wasn’t until junior year that I realized I should do cross country too.  Sydney Carman and Noel James were telling me to go out as a sophomore because they knew I would have success, but I didn’t think it sounded like much fun. They finally convinced me before junior year to go out, and I’m glad they did because I wouldn’t have gone out if it wasn’t for them.”

Next was what sport do you feel most accomplished in as an individual and as a team and she said, “The sport that I feel most accomplished in as both and individual and a team is basketball.  As many people know we won the State Championship last year, which is the biggest accomplishment you can have in any sport, so being a starter for that team was something I am very proud of.” 

Another question I asked was have you had any contact with any colleges about sports and she responded with, “I have had some colleges contact me for track/cross country, but mostly smaller colleges.”

 Next was if you do get a scholarship for a sport, what sport would you like to pursue in? she said, “If I received a scholarship for a sport it would most likely be in track/cross country because I am better at running than any other sport I play.” 

Next was how do you maintain a balance between a sport life, school life and home life? She said,“I definitely have a busy schedule all year round full of sports, and it can be tough to balance everything, but having a good support system and good coaches help me through it.  Without the support I get from my family and friends it would be much harder. Also I’m surrounded by good coaches who want me to succeed in many different sports so that makes it easier too because they all work together to make things work out.”

Lastly I asked her what advice do you have for other student athletes who are almost as busy as you? She responded with, “My advice to other student athletes is to stay on task and don’t procrastinate! In your free time during school try to get as much work done as possible.  Another piece of advice is to stick with whatever sport you are playing even if you don’t get much playing time when you are younger, your time will come! And lastly, try new things because you could surprise yourself and become very successful at something new.”