New Teacher Profile: Ms. Natalie Anderson

Tyler Pollock

One of the new Spanish teachers this year is Ms. Natalie Anderson, who teaches Spanish 3 and 4 for Juniors and Seniors, and Spanish classes for the 7th and 8th graders. Ms. Anderson is originally from Sioux City, Iowa, and graduated from Lawton-Bronson High School. After graduating, she attended Doane University, during which she studied abroad in Merida, Mexico. 

Ms. Anderson said she was inspired to come to Treynor due to many reasons. First, it is near her family. Second, she heard about Treynor’s excellent reputation. Lastly, she was told about the Spanish program’s history at Treynor. For those that do not know, the current senior class has had a different Spanish teacher every year. This has had a negative effect on their total Spanish learning comprehension and learning. Ms. Anderson went through a similar situation, with three teachers over her four years of high school. She could really relate to the students. 

Ms. Anderson did not always know that she wanted to be a Spanish teacher. During high school, one of her Spanish teachers noticed that Ms. Anderson wanted to succeed, so she was pushed harder and grew in her language abilities. Ms. Anderson wants to be that instructor with her students. In her classroom, she values comprehensible input, which is teaching in the target language. She also likes to incorporate technology, movement, and all four modes of communication, which are reading, writing, speaking, and listening. She loves seeing the community support in Treynor, and looks forward to the rest of the year.