New Teacher Profile: Melanie Schuler

Tyler Pollock

One of the new Spanish teachers this year is Ms. Melanie Schuler, who teaches Spanish 1 and 2 for the freshmen and sophomores, as well as Spanish for the 6th graders. Ms. Schuler graduated from Treynor High School in 2013, and attended the University of Iowa, where she majored in History and minored in Spanish. After she finished college, she fell in love with education, and went to Buena Vista to get her teaching certification. Over the last two years, she has worked as a substitute while finishing her certification. Ms. Schuler’s family is made up of her parents, two older sisters, brother-in-law, and niece and nephew. 

When asked about why she wanted to become a teacher, Ms. Schuler said she was inspired by the teachers she had as a student and interacted with. She said she wanted to make her students excited to learn Spanish. In her classroom, Ms. Schuler tries to use a variety of activities to help the students develop a better understanding of the concept. She tries to get her students to focus on authentic learning, or connecting the content to their lives. 

Treynor has a reputation for having a supportive community, with students that work hard. Ms. Schuler graduated from Treynor, so she experienced the environment first-hand. Lastly, she wanted to be close to her family in Treynor. When asked about her thoughts about her experience with the people at Treynor, she said, “The community has been amazing. I can’t wait to see where we go this year and in the future.”