New Teacher Feature: Erica Schnepel

Tyler Pollock, Editor

Mrs. Erica Schnepel is one of the new teachers this year, and she teaches upper level English classes. She graduated from Lewis Central high school, and went to Buena Vista and UNO. Her husband graduated from Treynor High School. She has four children, two have graduated from Treynor, and two currently attend Treynor. 

Mrs. Schnepel has worked at Treynor before. She was hired for the 1998-99 school year and worked there for the next fourteen years. For the next seven years, she worked at Thomas Jefferson High School, but she assisted with the Middle School yearbook at Treynor starting during 2014. She also served on the Board of Directors for Treynor Community Schools from 2014-2017. When asked why she wanted to come back to Treynor, she said, “I want to be near my family and to provide service to my great community.”

As a teacher, Mrs. Schnepel is very flexible. She values teaching practices that have proven to work in each of her classes. Having fun in the classroom is very important to her, but things also need to be accomplished. She enjoys working at Treynor because of the wonderful community of people that care about and support all of the students.