Flash Fiction Challenge!

Winners will be selected in two categories: High School (9-12) and Middle School (6-8).

Write flash fiction to win a chance at a free yearbook! Join the 12 other students whose names will be entered for a free yearbook by writing a piece of flash fiction. The guidelines are simple.

  1. Topic: Homecoming 2019
  2. Genre: Mystery (…but feel free to add another genre to your mystery! Utopian? Sci-Fi? Magical Realism?)
  3. Word Limit: 700 words

Unfamiliar with flash fiction? Click here to see examples from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards website. Or do a Google search — plenty of advice for writing flash fiction is out there!

Top stories will be published with credit (or anonymously, if you’re a little reserved…) on your Cardinal Chatter website. Also, your name will be entered for a free yearbook! Have fun with this!