Marching Band Uniform Reveal


Pictured on field (Left to right): Mia Nichols, Delaney Hansen, and Emma Ehmke On the podium: Allison Young modeling the new uniform

Tyler Pollock

On Friday, September 6th, the Cardinal Vanguard performed for the first time this season at the first home football game. Before their regular performance of their marching band show and the school fight song, there was a special presentation. The Vanguard unveiled the design of their new uniforms. 


While the band played dramatic reveal music, several students from the Vanguard came forward wearing retired uniforms from the past and the current uniform. First, junior Mia Nichols modeled the oldest uniform we currently have, which was purchased in 1990. Second, junior Delaney Hansen came forward wearing the uniforms from 1997. Then junior Emma Ehmke came forward wearing one of the current uniforms, which were purchased in 2008. Lastly, senior drum major Allison Young took the podium wearing a prototype of the uniforms that will be ordered later this year. When asked about the design of the new uniforms, Allison Young said, “ The design is fancy and elaborate.” The current band members are very excited to be able to wear the new uniforms next season.  


Ordering new uniforms is a tremendous undertaking, with director Jeff Schoening saying that it will cost roughly $35,000 for the full set. The design reveal was done as a kickoff to the fundraising process. When I asked the vanguard members, they said the reveal performance went really well. The band sounded good, and everything went according to plan. Mr. Schoening said that he thinks the crowd’s reaction was positive, and that everybody liked it. 


The Cardinal Vanguard will be performing more of their competition show, titled Dante, this Friday at halftime of the homecoming football game.