The Remaining Students Say School Is Boring

Shad Granger, Staff

The most meaningful learning happens outside school. Take a moment to think about that statement. It does not mean that meaningful learning is not happening inside schools. Or that all learning that occurs outside schools is meaningful.

But there is a growing argument that the most powerful, relevant learning for today’s students is happening when they connect with the rapidly changing world beyond the school walls to solve problems, explore ideas, rally for a cause, or learn a new technical skill.

“School is boring enough as is, now we are losing our senior friends so it will make it more challenging for me without a laugh in the middle of the day to keep me going” said Junior Chase Reber.

“I think everyone deep down hates school, people might like school just to see their friends and be around people that they like, but overall school and education isn’t great for anyone. These last two weeks are going to feel like two years for the rest of us without the seniors here” said freshman AJ Schiltz.

“Of course we think school is boring, everyone thinks school is boring, things can be challenging, but things are never challenging in a good way. Either you are bored out of your mind or stressing out over the smallest things” said Junior Nathan Nelson.

“School is boring, but I really just like being with my friends. I look forward to spending time with them so I look forward to actually coming to school. Besides that, no I think school is absolutely horrible I just cope with it” said freshman Broc Wallace.

It seems that the rest of the school is going to deal with boredom finishing up these last two weeks without the senior class.