Seniors’ last hoorah


Seniors Alek Thielen, Brennon Mauer, and Max Schweer ride the Viking Voyager on their senior trip

Maria Carolus, reporter and copy editor

The Treynor High School senior class of 2019 went on their senior trip on Tuesday, May 14 to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, MO. This trip is taken every year by the graduating class.

Many of the students knew exactly what they wanted to do from the start and have taken trips here before.

“I had a list of rides I wanted to go on all planned out,” senior Jordan Finnegan said, “I come here pretty often, and I like a lot of the rides here.”

There were also some that had never been before.

“I was super nervous to go on all of the roller coasters at the start, but after riding the Patriot, I was excited for the rest of them,” senior Alexis Kellar said, “My favorite roller coaster was either the Patriot or the Spinning Dragons.”

The seniors had about 5 hours to get as many rides in as possible, so they all made the best use of their time that they could.

“My group made it onto 9 different rides, and we rode some of them multiple times,” senior Allison Green said.

All in all, there were lots of memories made on this last hoorah.