Keeping the Pitch


Amanda Stephens, Photo Editor/Reporter

Sat. May 4 was state large group competition at Abraham Lincoln for band and choir.  The band received a Division I rating and the choir obtained a Division III rating. The band played two songs including “Flourish for Wind Band” and “By My Side”.  The choir performed “Take Me to Water”, and” O Love”, “Gloria”.

The band received two ones and one two from the judges working out to be an overall one.  The choir received two threes and one four from the judges leveling out to an overall three.  

“The choir didn’t deserve a three, I believe they did much better than that, the judge that gave them a four was definitely crossing the line in my mind,” band director Jeff Schoening said.

The band and choir both performed their songs on Fine Arts night which was Thurs. May 2 in order to prepare for their competition on Sat.  

This was the last competition for seniors, the band seniors have received one ratings all four years of their high school band career and the choir received two’s the last three years and a three this year.   

“I was really excited to get a one my senior year in band because we have worked so hard and it is a really cool thing to say I got ones every year during high school,” senior Allison Green said.

The band will now start to think about next year’s marching band show and will hopefully be able to have music out to the kids by the end of the year in order to start practicing for the show.  The choir will be thinking about what they can improve to make the program even better next year.

The next time the band and choir will perform is at graduation on Sun. May 19. The seniors will be able to perform one last song before they go on to a new chapter of their life.  

“I am sad to see the seniors leave they have been such an amazing influence on all the fine arts programs, the fine arts programs won’t be the same after this class graduates,”  junior Clarissa Weitzel said.

Come out and support the band and choir at all their future competitions, the programs are always growing and finding new ways to make the programs even better, they all appreciate the support the community offers.