Treynor celebrates the fine arts


The flute section before Fine Arts Night

Miranda Becker, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, May 2, Treynor held its annual Fine Arts Night at 7:30.  Fine Arts Night honors students who are in Band, Choir, Art, or all of the above!

The pieces that the band chose to play are the selections that they will play at the large group contest on Saturday.  

“The band played ‘Flourish for Wind Band’ and ‘By My Side’,” sophomore Logan Young said.

The choir also sang several selections that they will be singing on this weekend.

“We are singing ‘Gloria’ from Heiligmesse, ‘O Love’, and ‘Take Me to the Water’,” choir director Jill Davis said.

Both groups have spent the last several weeks preparing for this contest and hope to get Division I ratings.

“We’ve done small group work in sectionals to ensure we are singing correct pitches and rhythms; a lot of choral adjudication focuses on that aspect, but also phrasing, dynamics, & tone are important,” Davis said, “Isolating skills and finding warm ups and activities that develop those skills helps us work towards our ensemble goals.”

Fine Arts Night gives students in the arts a chance to get rid of any nerves they may have before large group on Saturday.

“This concert helps students prepare for what challenges may arise during a performance, and gives them the opportunity to work through them in a supportive environment,” Davis said, “Our Cardinal Nation comes out in full support and encourages our students–and it is very much appreciated!”

Come support the Treynor band and choir on Saturday, May 4 at Abraham Lincoln High School!