Putting Away

Amanda Stephens, Photo Editor/Reporter

Treynor girls’ golf had three meets the week of April 22nd.  Monday, April 22 the girls faced Tri-Center. On Thursday, April 25 the girls faced IKM-Manning, and Friday, April 26 the girls faced Missouri Valley. They were unable to pull out the win this week but still played strong.

Monday, April 22 Sierra Anderson placed second with a score of 60, Maddie Lewis tied for third with a score of 60 as well.  Sara Hudgell came out with a score of 72, Andi Pittman with a score of 74, and Allison Black with a score of 88.

“I could have done better but I am still happy with my score, I have enjoyed golfing this year,” said freshman Sara Hudgell.  

Thursday, April 25 the girls played at IKM-Manning. Maddie Lewis ended with a score of 58, Sierra Anderson with 71, Keely Smith with 76, Andi Pittman with 85, and Allison Black with 86.

Friday, April 26 Maddie Lewis placed third with a score of 52, making that her personal best.  Keely Smith also scored her personal best with a score of 64 putting her in seventh place.

“I am sad that we lost this week but I still enjoy playing and am excited to get better,” said freshman Allison Black.

The girls will play next on Monday, April 29 as well as in the WIC meet on Wednesday, May 1.  Help support the girls’ golf team in their next meet!