Celebrating Autism awareness month with a school assembly

Miranda Becker, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, April 17, 2019, the administrators at the Treynor High School and Middle School held an assembly about Autism.  The disease affects families everywhere and the school found importance in bringing awareness during April which is Autism Awareness Month.

According to the CDC, one in every 59 children has Autism; most likely everyone you meet knows of someone with this disease.

“My 7 year old nephew has autism, and it’s really just opened up my eyes to neuro diversities like autism!” english teacher Erin Coughlin said, “He is so loving, smart, and fun; He has meltdowns at times, but we’ve all learned how to help him cope through those.”

Oftentimes people have stigmas about diseases such as Autism but it is important to embrace this difference and not treat it as challenge.

“It is so important because many people view it as a disability, however, as I’ve learned it’s really just a difference in the way the brain works,” Coughlin said, “Treynor students do not get a lot of exposure to diversity in general, so I think teaching students about those with autism will help end some of the myths and will make our students more compassionate and empathetic.”

During the assembly, several therapists discussed how they treat people with Autism and Holly Buckingham discussed the challenges and gifts that come from raising an autistic child, with the end goal being bringing awareness to this disease.

“I think that it’s important to being awareness to not only Autism but everything, because there are so many things that people don’t understand if they themselves aren’t going through it,” freshman Aalanah Buckingham said, “It’s such a big world, and I think that bringing awareness to things can help people in the future when they encounter different situations.

The goal of bringing awareness was accomplished as many students displayed interest in the topic and absorbed the information.

“I really enjoyed this assembly; in Treynor we do not have many people affected by this disease so it was interesting to learn about it,” junior Mitchell Lutz said.

With the increase in prevalence in Autism, it is important to be respectful and learn as much as we can about this disease.