Easter Break


Casey Black, Staff Reporter

Every year, on Easter Sunday, many families come together for a meal to celebrate the holiday.  Everyone has a different look at what they want to use their long weekend for.

“I plan to work, build a track, go to my grandmas, ride the grom, and pester Kale to get a grom,” senior Hayley Manzer said.

On the flip side, junior Jordynne Pittmann plans to spend all of her long weekend with family.

“I’m going to Avoca to spend all weekend with my dad’s side of the family,” Pittmann said.

Many families also hold traditions for the Easter Sunday which they plan to do again this year.

“On Easter I’m going to my grandma’s in Bennington to eat dinner with my family from Nebraska,” Manzer said.  “My family always has the tradition of playing family football.”

Junior Sydnie Melby has a similar Easter break plan including sleeping and eating a lot of food.

“My plans for Easter day consists of going to my grandma’s house and being with family,” Melby said.  “A tradition my family has is someone always dresses up like the Easter bunny and hops around the yard while the kids watch.”