Ad Campaign Encourages Safer Driving

Erik Andersen, Staff reporter

The Keep Kids Alive Campaign recently created a way for students to help the community remember that they need to stay safe while driving. There was a competition held in the Comp class at Treynor High School. The student with the best slogan would get the honor of having advertising slogan on a sign in Treynor.  Junior Luke Mieska and senior Regan Harter won the contest.

This signs will help better the community by reminding people of the tragedy that occurred on November 13, 2015 when a student lost his life in Treynor while jogging down the road.  Tristan White was a member of the Class of 2019, and the students in his class were happy to work on a campaign in his honor.

“My thought process was just thinking about Tristan White because he would be graduating this year and we grew up together throughout school because we are in the same grade,” senior Regan Harter said.

The campaign will better the community and keep the town of Treynor more safe.

“Going into this project, it tried to think about things that would draw my attention and remind me to drive safe,” junior Luke Mieska said.

People need to take in consideration that driving is always a very serious situation and they should always have complete focus on the road. Mieska wanted to remind people that through his sign.

“I want the audience to remember that a lot is at stake when driving, and that you need to focus on driving. No one wants a tragedy to happen because of something totally preventable,” Mieska said.

Getting first in the competition made Harter and Mieska feel good. They realized that their messages did get across to the committee and that they were very good messages.

“I am glad I can help the community by creating something to be placed in town for the community to see and help them make better decisions while driving,” Harter said.

In conclusion, the project was a hit and it helped remind the students and the town to be extra cautious when driving a vehicle.