Treynor pays it forward

Shad Granger, Staff

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On Friday April 12, the Treynor high school, and middle school was sent to the Open Door Mission in Omaha to use the day and give back to those who were in need and less fortunate.

“The day was a little different for everyone, but either way everyone had a job to do to help out people that deserved help” said junior Chase Reber.

On Friday the seniors had a special job that was never done before for the youth of the Open Door Mission. The seniors had the responsibility of taking the younger children at the mission on a field trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo. Each child was assigned to one or two seniors to walk around with for the day to enjoy the atmosphere of the zoo.

“I enjoyed helping out with the younger kids. It made me appreciate the things I have in my life,” said senior Harley Carberry.

The rest of the high school and middle school helped out at the mission center with tasks that varied from serving food to organizing miscellaneous items that would help the mission center distribute things more evenly.

Freshman AJ Schiltz received a medal from the open door mission along with other students for proving themselves in good work ethic, leadership skills, compassion, care, and rising above their peers to show what they could do to help.

“You don’t realize how bad people actually need help until you go serve and see it for yourself in person,” said Schiltz.

“Overall the day helped out plenty of people in need and showed how well our school can come together to help those who are in need,” said senior Jerry Jorgenson, he also added, “Everybody did their part and made a tremendous impact on people who really needed it.”